Scout for talent all over the world

Genova International scouts identify talented athletes as potential players for GISS Players Residency Program, Tours and affiliated Professional Clubs. They scout for talent by visiting academies all over the world, consulting high school or college coaches and alumni and watching videos of players’ performance. Scouts will also attend live sporting events to evaluate players’ talent and skills, and may meet with players and their families to get a better sense of their background and character. They usually interview players’ current coaches or teachers as well. Scouts may also attend professional sporting events to provide feedback about players that a team is considering making a trade for or signing to a contract in the off-season. After watching a player, scouts will then report back to the GISS management and provide an analysis of the player’s potential value to the team.

Scouting la liga Legends Fernando Morientes and Walter Pandiani
Gennaro Gattuso for Genova International

There are no specific education requirements for scouts, though some complete a bachelor’s degree in sports management, human resources or communications. Many sports scouts are former players, so they are familiar with the sport that they are scouting. Others have experience in coaching or managing, which provides them with the necessary insight to spot talent. Those who are interested in going into the field may start out as part-time scouts, who search for athletes in a particular part of the country. Some experienced scouts may apprentice inexperienced workers in the field, using them as an assistant so they can gain experience.

Sports scouts usually work irregular hours, including weekends, nights and holidays, because they must attend sporting events. They must travel regularly as well, trying to find talented athletes throughout the country. Scouts may also be exposed to inclement or cold weather, as many sporting events are held outdoors. In addition, they often work under a great deal of pressure, as their jobs depend on whether or not the athletes that they recommend succeed for their team. Some sports scouts run their own businesses, and provide freelance services for various companies or teams.

Above Ex Colombian 3 time World Cup player Carlos Valderama scouting for Genova In Colombia and Florida