Santino Recine is a GISS young player that was recently signed by Berretti Varese. We had a talk with him about his new italian experience and also on his past experience in our academy.

Santino Recine (GISS Montreal) during training with AS Varese


To start, give us a brief presentation of who you are.
My name is Santino Recine and I was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. I am 17 years old born in 1997. I started playing football at a young age, around 4-5.

What kind of player are you? Tell us your best trait and where you think you need to improve on
My position on the field is centre back but I haven’t been playing this position my whole life, I recently started. I would say my best trait is reading the play and I am very strong in the air. As a footballer i’d like to improve on every aspect of my game to become perfect. However the trait I can improve the most on is my decision making when I am in possession of the ball.

How has your Italian experience been this far?
I must say it’s been a struggle. At GISS I loved it, even if at the beginning I was home sick, however once I started meeting all the boys I started loving it, they were all friendly and made me feel like I was back home. Then I went to Novara, where I struggled to get some gaming time, but I didn’t let that bring me down. I then went back to GISS and worked twice as hard ’till I reached my goal.

What do you think of Italian football?
Italian football is all about technical and tactical, and as a youth player I think it’s great for me because I learnt and perfect it at an early age

How were your first days at Varese?
I love it, the kids here are very welcoming and really nice, they make you feel at home. The coaching staff makes you feel wanted and don’t give up on you,  they also always check up on us to see if we are okay. Now I’m waiting for my documents to finally arrive so that I can play my first season in Italy.

What is your dream as a football player?
My dream would be playing in Serie A and to be part of the Champions League. I also hope one day I will be called up to the National team