We continue our series of talks with former GISS players that moved to Berretti Varese 1910. Today we spoke with the youngest, Lucas Alcorace.  Enjoy this little talk we had about his past, present and future career.


To start, give us a brief presentation of you
My name is Lucas Alcorace and I’m 15 years old (1999). I’m from Melbourne, Australia where I was born. I started playing football locally at the age of 7 for three years, before taking the game to the next level moving to Genova International School Of Soccer (Giss) and their affiliated team Melbourne Phoenix. Where I was improving everyday at training with coaches from all around Europe. Ever since I was small I have always dreamed about playing pro in a league like Serie A.

What kind of player are you? Tell us your best trait on the pitch and where you think you need to improve most?
I play the position of a centre midfielder, but I’m able to play right back, left back, right wing and left wing. I think I have to improve the most on getting the ball from the defenders and turning into space.

How has your italian experience been?
I’m loving my Italian experience so far, can’t get any better than doing what I love. I was scouted to train at the Genova International School Of Soccer residency program where I lived and breathed in a football environment giving it 110% to get the most out of it to develop and be ready for a club.

What do you think of Italian football?I think Italian football is one of the best styles for me as I’m learning tactical movements but also to improve my technical skills.

How were your first days in Varese?
My first few days in Varese were very welcoming as they welcomed me to the family on and off the field.

What do you aspect for your career from now on?
I expect to develop as much as possible to achieve my goal, which is to play for my country but also to play football at the highest level.