GISS players Calvin Lovric, Luke Colaianni and Sharif Shawkat signed by Hércules C.F. Alicante in Spain

A new partnership has began with one of Spain’s Segunda Division most followed teams: Hércules C.F., recently seen in Liga de Fútbol Profesional and currently fighting to be back playing against the world best!

Hercules, has recently signed 3 GISS players: from Australia Calvin Lovric, 20yrs old, on loan from Fc Parma, Luke Coloianni, 17yrs from Melbourne, and Sharif Shawkat (18yrs from USA and recently played for Genova International FC Los Angeles.

GISS director Morris Pagniello comments: “Very happy to be affiating with Hércules C.F. A top club known for developing champions, very serious and professional club! I would like to thank GISS Rep’s Spain Martin Prest, Juanky Prest and Esteban for all there hard work!”