Liam Graham is a GISS player now playing on loan for Aurora Pro Patria 1919. We met him and we had a nice conversation about his football experience in Italy.

Liam Graham


To start, give us a brief presentation of you
My name is Liam Graham, I’m from New Zealand and I’m 22 years old. I’ve played football since I was 5.


What kind of player are you? Tell us your best trait on the pitch and where you think you need to improve most
I am a right back, although I can play in any position along the backline. I like to get forward and attack. I’m good in the air. I am an aggressive player and have a good cross and I can score off corners and free kicks. Tactically is where I would need to improve the most.


You are in Italy from 4 years and you play for Pro Patria now. Tell us something about your previous experiences in our country.
played 2 years in the Vicenza Calcio Primavera, then 1 year at Ascoli Calcio in the first team. Then unfortunately I tore my acl so last season I was without a contract and did the rehabilitation at home and then came back for the last 3 months of the season at Savona Calcio to regain some training fitness and form. This season I signed for Monza and asked to be sent on loan to Pro Patria.


Do you think your injury slowed your growth as a football player or has it made you stronger?
My injury has certainly changed the path my football career could have taken, but it has only made me stronger and better.


You are in Aurora Pro Patria from the start of this season. How is it going?
It was a tough start because I had a slight injury which kept me out for 5 games but I’ve had 4 appearances since I’ve been fit to play and things are going well so far. After being out for a full season it’s nice to be back and playing.


What do you think of italian football?
I think Italian football is very tactical and technical compared to other top leagues in Europe. For a youth player it is good because it is the best place to learn the tactics.


What is your dream as a football player?
My dream as a footballer is to play in the Premier League, play in the Champions League and go to a World Cup with the New Zealand National Team.