Jonathan Alcorace, a GISS player from Melbourne, has been recently signed by Berretti Varese 1910. We had a talk with him about his previous experiences in Italy, first days in new team and his dreams as a footballer.

Jo Alcorace


To start, give us a brief presentation of you
Hi, my name is Jonathan Alcorace, I’m 17 years old and born in Australia. I’ve been playing soccer since I was a little boy, everywhere I went I brought a ball with me just in case there was a park nearby so I could go have a kick and have fun with my family. My previous club in Australia before I came to Italy to join Genoa International School Of Soccer was Melbourne Phoenix,while playing in Italy for Genoa International School Of Soccer I signed for Novara calcio  in 2013/2014 season  and then with Varese Calcio  in 2014/ 2015.

What kind of player are you? Tell us your best trait on the pitch and where you think you need to improve most?
I play different  positions such as left  or right back, or left or right wing but usually play as a left back. I’m the kind of player that loves overlapping the left wing and cross it in or cut in and shoot. I need to improve most on my shooting and control on the ball.

How has your italian experience in GISS been?
My experience with GISS has been amazing. I got to experience things other people would  never get to, playing against some of the best teams in the Italy such as Inter Milan, AC Milan ,Torino , Savona, Genova and more teams. I recommend GISS to people that loving playing soccer and want to make it professionally.

What do you think of Italian football?
I think Italian football is really good they play from the back and make their way up to the goals with possession.

How were your first days in Varese?
Your first days at a new club are always hard  bu tthis club was a bit easier. They welcomed me into their team and  let me join their family as a team and were very welcoming.

What do you aspect for your career from now on?
I aspect to be playing in a first team in either Serie A or Serie B by the time I turn 19 or 20, but for now I will try my hardest to get better and learn things that will bring me that far.