Our Genova International office received this letter from Vaughan Azzurri’s head coach Fabio Alonzi, and we decided to disclose it…


It is with great pride that I sit here and reflect on what was a wonderful week of soccer. The idea that a group of 15 year olds would be playing and competing on the same pitch with players who have been trained and schooled to play the game that a nation loves.

The trip was so beneficial to our squad teaching, soaking in the soccer culture that we lack as Canadians. Our boys were able to witness the sacrifices that players make to strive for their ultimate dream. The facilities were top notch. We will never forget the joy of watching the first squad of Novara training at the Novarello complex a delight in itself.

Our team was treated with the utmost respect by everyone. It was amazing as we went for our daily walk the people of the town greeted us and always had a smile perhaps they knew what was in store for us.

Overall we played 4 games against 5 teams as one of the games were a half each against 2 different opponents. The soccer was what we strive for here in Canada yet is so common, an everyday thing in a country that sweats and bleeds soccer. It’s an amazing feeling as our players took the pitch to begin warm ups knowing that in the next few minutes you’re going to be involved in a game that you’re going to remember the rest of your life. Perhaps a game that no other will compare to.

We had a great experience, our team, our players, I myself we are all better for it. Things we hear people talking about and could only imagine in Canada about the beautiful game and how it is approached in true soccer environments. We bring back home with us memories that will last a lifetime. The win with Genoa and the tie with Vado F.C. Perhaps our most impressive result a 1-1 draw with Novara. Our boys fought so hard. The 4-1 defeat to La Spezia who treated us so well, and a resounding 6-2 defeat to the mighty youth team that is Torino. A result that would be considered a disaster yet in many ways a victory of sorts. The experiences we all take home with us are absolutely priceless.

With the support of fine young athletes, enthusiastic and passionate parents, the vision of a gentlemen who allows young men to realize a dream may be a reality and the constant efforts of everyone to make this trip a success I applaud you.

Thank you Morris Pagniello and the supporting staff at Genova International School of Soccer. A class act organization run by a class act individual. They say a team takes the characteristics of its coach well this is definitely the case of Morris’ staff.

Thank you everyone involved as the Vaughan Azzurri Italian Trip 2014 was a huge success.

Grazie a tutti!

Fabio Alonzi
Vaughan Azzurri 99